How we are helping

Continuing to operate the services people rely on most is Runnymede Borough Council's core mission during the Coronavirus crisis.

Continuing to operate the services people rely on most is Runnymede Borough Council's core mission during the Coronavirus crisis and we have put in place practical plans to do this and to mobilise help on the ground.

Senior officers are meeting daily to co-ordinate efforts, support the voluntary sector and liaise with the County Council and Borough MP Ben Spencer.

  • We are making available up to £20,000 to Runnymede Foodbank to help buy essential supplies for food parcels which can be delivered to people in need.
  • A council-owned warehouse in Egham has been provided free of charge for storage and councillors are working with local people to run it.
  • We are promoting the Foodbank and Voluntary Support North Surrey as the key ways people can help the community, in this magazine and also through all other methods of communication.
  • Experienced council staff have been offered to both charities to help with their organisational needs.
  • A team of dedicated workers will begin phoning vulnerable people across Runnymede twice a week from this weekend to check they are ok or in need of help.
  • Other employees will be making deliveries or purchasing essential items.
  • Our call centre staff are briefed and ready to help vulnerable people who ring us needing advice or assistance. Our number is 01932 838383.
  • Staff will be compassionate and understanding to people who face genuine financial hardship.
  • We will still contact Council tenants who cannot pay their rent, but will offer them advice and will not begin and applications for possession until the crisis has eased.
  • A letter is being sent to every home in the Borough explaining how to get help, volunteer your time if you can and how to isolate yourself if you are at risk.

Although the situation remains fluid, with Government advice being updated on a regular basis, we will always do our best for our residents.

We will protect your data even when we have to change how we operate, and we will not let the most vulnerable in our community suffer unnecessarily.

Our staff are continuing to work and performing vital roles, and the Chief Executive has already thanked them for their commitment. As a responsible employer we need to protect them and their families so we have put in place measures to support them.

This includes investing in technology to create greater capacity to work from home, social distancing in our offices and reducing the number of face to face contacts with the public.