What if I have a query regarding my account?

If you have a query regarding your account you need to speak to the team dealing with this:

Business Rates01932 838383 CustomerServiceTeam@runnymede.gov.uk
Council Tax01932 838383 CustomerServiceTeam@runnymede.gov.uk
Disputing HB overpayment01932 425388  benefits@runnymede.gov.uk
Repaying HB overpayment01932 425395debtors@runnymede.gov.uk
Housing Rents01932 838383CustomerServicesHousingTeam@runnymede.gov.uk
Sundry Invoices 01932 425393 debtors@runnymede.gov.uk
Garden Waste01932 838383CustomerServiceTeam@runnymede.gov.uk
Penalty Charge Notices01932 838383CustomerServiceTeam@runnymede.gov.uk