Emergency Assistance application

A discretionary fund has been set up to support families who are struggling to afford food and other essential expenditure who have been unable to get support from other government grants or funds. Information available on our website. Payment will be limited to a maximum of £2000 per family.

The grant is primarily aimed at:

  • Residents who have been severely impacted by Coronavirus and have had no other central or local government support
  • Those who do not qualify for Universal Credit, Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and whose household income has been reduced significantly since March 2020
  • Alleviating poverty
  • Safeguarding families in their own homes
  • Avoiding homelessness
  • Assisting with a one-off unexpected, unavoidable expense, e.g. broken washing machine, broken cooker, new school shoes

Support schemes available:

  • Small Business Grant Fund
  • Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Grant fund
  • Housing Benefit
  • Universal Credit
  • Council Tax Support
  • £150 Covid-19 working Age claimant fund
  • Business Rates Discretionary Grant Fund

Emergency Assistance application form