Runnymede's Community Infrastructure Levy examination

Civic Centre

Runnymede's Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) examination is due to take place on Monday 26 October 2020 at 9.30am.

The Levy is a way the Council can secure funding from developers toward the infrastructure required to support the Runnymede 2030 Local Plan.

Funds raised from the Levy can be spent on a range of infrastructure across the Borough. A certain amount will also be available to spend on community projects, to support local people.

Public examination

The Council has already carried out two public consultations on the CIL rates we are proposing, the next stage before they are confirmed is an examination in public by the independent CIL examiner Mr Phillip Staddon.

The examination includes a public element, where those who have requested to be heard will take part and residents or other stakeholders can watch. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the examination will be held virtually via MS Teams and broadcast on the Council's YouTube channel. Anyone can watch the YouTube broadcast here.

Supporting documents

The Council's CIL draft charging schedule, supporting documents and all other information associated with the examination can be found here.

Submission documents can also be inspected on CD now that computer access is available at the Civic Centre as well as both Chertsey and Egham libraries, subject to restrictions and booking.  

To keep up to date, follow our planning team on Twitter: @RBCplanning