Does your family need help with half term meals?

Family dining

Parents of children who receive free school meals can apply for meal packs or hot food via Runnymede Borough Council throughout half term week and this weekend.

The Council recognises the extra financial pressures some families will be facing because of Coronavirus, and has put in place practical steps to support local people.

If families need help with food and at least one child in the household receives free school meals, they can call Runnymede Borough Council on 01932 838383 (option five). 

Families will be offered either: 

  • A Runnymede Foodbank non-perishable family meal pack, or  
  • Hot meals for their family from the Meals at Home Service.  

Both will be provided for free until Sunday, but people must contact the Council before midday on Friday to apply. 

Cllr Nick Prescot, Leader of Runnymede Borough Council said: "It is the responsibility of Surrey County Council - the local education authority - to provide free school meals to those who are eligible. However, as local councillors, we understand parents' worries and where we can, we aim to support local people, especially during this Coronavirus pandemic.

"We have already spoken to the county council and will continue to do so, to encourage them to make arrangements for future school holidays, or to provide funding for borough councils to do so, but this week action is needed quickly, and I commend the officers, members and the voluntary sector for leaping into action so quickly and showing the indomitable public sector spirit.

"This Council has already helped hundreds of families and businesses through the Coronavirus pandemic by providing grants to the foodbank, support with Council Tax and business rates, and by distributing millions of pounds of funding from Government in the form of grants to businesses. We have also set up a small hardship fund to help those in need who have not found support in other ways.  

"Being able to act promptly and in a highly practical way when people are in need is the hallmark of a caring local council, and I am proud we are able to step in to ease the pressure people may be feeling." 

The Council's Customer Services team are available between 8.30am - 5pm between Monday and Thursday and from 8.30am-4.30pm on Friday.