Pull together and help beat the virus

Nick Prescott

"We now face the need for another team and community effort from every resident within Runnymede; we must pull together as a community and follow the lockdown regulations to suppress the spread of Coronavirus." This is the message from Cllr Nick Prescot, Leader of the Borough Council.

England is set to enter a month of lockdown from Thursday 5th November, and Cllr Prescot has called on residents, businesses and students to play their part over the next 28 days.

"When the pressure is on, I know everyone in our Borough will do what is being asked of us to suppress the spread of the virus," he said.

"If we restrict ourselves to going out only for essential reasons, keep our distance and remember the effects spreading the virus could have on our friends and families, my hope is we can have a happier Hannukkah or Christmas celebration and put November behind us.

"He added: "We need to use the NHS Test and Trace app. For all its reported imperfections, it is the best chance we have to monitor the spread.  It's being constantly updated so it's getting better all the time. Equally, if you think you have Coronavirus symptoms, please, please, isolate yourself appropriately and get a test."

The second lockdown has been announced by the Prime Minister to attempt to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, and ease pressure on the NHS so it can cope through the winter.

Specific details of what is restricted or exempt from restriction is available on the Government website.

As in the previous lockdown, Runnymede Borough Council will be supporting residents with practical steps. You can phone us on 01932 838383, or visit our website if you need help. We will also be working closely with Runnymede Foodbank and Volunteer Support North Surrey; you can always get in touch with your local councillor and they will signpost you in the right direction.

Like many high street businesses, the Civic Centre in Addlestone will close on Wednesday evening until 2 December. Council staff will still be working and will continue to deal with day to day work and requests from the public. Essential services will be prioritised, so please allow extra time if your question is not urgent.

"We will do our best to continue to provide services in these uncertain times - most of our staff will be working at home, but if you need us, contact us," Cllr Prescot said.