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On Friday 13 March 2020 the Government announced that due to the Covid 19 pandemic, elections due to be held on 7 May 2020 have been postponed for a year.

On Friday 13 March 2020 the Government announced that due to the Covid 19 pandemic, elections due to be held on 7 May 2020 have been postponed for a year.

Police and Crime Commissioners were introduced in the 41 Police Authorities across England in 2012.  They are elected using the Supplementary Voting System (SV) and a Police Area Returning Officer (PARO) is appointed to conduct the elections across each area and declare the result.  The Surrey Police Area is made up of 11 local authorities which have Local Returning Officers who are responsible for arranging and delivering the poll for the electors in their area. The number of votes counted in each local area are then collated by the PARO to provide the overall result. The PARO for the Surrey Police Area is Paul Turrell who is also the Local Returning Officer for the Runnymede area.

The Police Area Returning Officer is responsible for the conduct of the poll and declaration of result only and must remain politically neutral at all times. For this reason, we cannot provide political campaign or information about the candidates on these pages. However information from the candidates about their campaigns can be found on the Cabinet Office website (please note the Cabinet Office pages will not be updated until after the close of nominations).  In addition, if you would like to know more about the candidates and what they stand for please search for individual candidates and/or party web sites or contact their local offices.

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Candidates and Agents


If you are interested in standing as a candidate at the Police and Crime Commissioner elections to be held on 6 May 2021 please let us know as soon as possible so that we can add your contact details to our distribution list.  This will enable us to keep you up to date with information as it becomes available. Please send an e-mail to PARO@Runnymede.gov.uk including your name, whether you are a prospective candidate or agent, contact e-mail address and telephone number(s). It would be helpful if you could put 'PCC Candidate details' in the subject line. There will be an initial briefing for Candidates and Agents via teams at 3pm on 22 February and a final briefing on 13 April at 3pm.

These elections will take place at a time when Covid-19 continues to present risks to public health. As the measures necessary to control the spread of the virus may change as we approach May, confirmation of the arrangements for providing information to candidates and agents will be provided here in due course. 

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How can I report electoral fraud?


If you have evidence that electoral fraud has been committed, you should contact the police as quickly as possible using the non-emergency number 101. You should be prepared to give them a statement and substantiate your allegation. If you are worried about giving your name to the police, you can also report electoral fraud anonymously by contacting Crimestoppers online or by phone on 0800 555 111.

If you think electoral fraud may have been committed, you should first speak to the Electoral Registration Officer or Returning Officer for your local area.  For Runnymede the number is 01932 4256. They may be able to explain whether or not electoral fraud has been committed and can refer your concerns to the police if necessary. They can also provide you with the details of the police contact for the relevant police force so that you can report the allegation yourself.



  • The Police Area Returning Officer welcomes the interest of the media in elections and recognises the important part they play in the electoral process.

  • If you are interested in receiving information about the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections to be held in the Surrey Police Area on Thursday, 6 May 2021 as and when it becomes available, please email communications@runnymede.gov.uk providing your name, contact email address, your job title and details of the organisation you represent. Please put 'PARO 2021' in the subject line.

  • There will be a media briefing at 3pm on Monday 19 April via Teams. This will include technical support regarding operations within the count venue together with an overview of how the count collation process will be delivered. If you would like to attend please let the communications team know by e-mail to communications@Runnymede.gov.uk


Contact and count information


PCC - Police and Crime Commissioners are elected to make sure that local police meet the needs of the community.

PARO - Police Area Returning Officer responsible for dealing with candidates and agents and collating the total result across the police authority area.

LRO - Local returning Officer responsible for delivering all aspects of the poll and counting votes relevant to their local area. There are 14 local authority areas making up the Hampshire Police area.

Verification is the process of opening and checking the contents of each ballot box to ensure the numbers agree with those issued in the relevant polling station

Count is the process of sorting ballot papers into those for each candidate and counting them to provide a total for each of them. PCC elections are run using the supplementary voting system

Surrey Statistics

As at the time the annual registers were published in each local authority area the electorate for the Surrey Police Area is ??? of which ???? were absent voters

The Surrey Count

The Surrey police authority area will be operating a devolved count process whereby each LRO will verify and count their own papers remotely and then submit the figures to the central hub for collation by the PARO.

Collation by the PARO and declaration of the Surrey result will take place on Saturday 8 May 2021 at 10am. Access is by ticket only to those entitled to attend

Declaration time - due to the complexity of the supplementary process and the need to wait for all 11 local authority areas to complete each stage before moving to the next it is not possible to provide a specific time for the Surrey wide result to be declared. In an effort to assist with scheduling the PARO has asked the LROs to provide verification figures by 12 noon, first round count results are anticipated around 2pm with the final result being dependent on the last set of local figures being received. In Surrey the PARO is in the habit of providing any media in attendance with a 10 minute warning through our communications liaison team so that scheduling can occur.

For details relating to each devolved count please contact the relevant LRO for details.

Press officer contact information