Possible Padd Farm Planning application and the Development Management process


Runnymede Borough Council

The Council has been notified by a planning consultancy called Nexus that, following a public consultation, it intends to submit a planning application to build homes on land at Padd Farm on behalf of its client.

Padd Farm is located between Thorpe and Egham within the designated green belt.

We have been informed that developer consultation leaflets have been sent out to local residents who will receive them imminently. Given this notice, our Development Management team expect to receive an application from the developer in the near future, and would encourage residents to engage with the developer's consultation so all views can be heard before it is submitted.



To be clear:

  • no application has yet been received,
  • no decision has been taken by officers or councillors on the proposals,
  • there have been no formal pre-application discussions on this proposal, and
  • the Council does not at this stage have a view on future uses of the site or the acceptability in planning terms of the use proposed in the developer consultation document.

Assuming an application is received, it would be available on our planning portal and residents will be able to submit formal representations for consideration by the Council as the Local Planning Authority. Development Management officers would assess such a planning application against national and local planning policies and other material planning considerations before coming to a recommendation.

The Council is aware that historically there has been interest from the public in this site due to its enforcement history. We do not comment in advance on the possible outcomes of planning applications.

Assuming an application is received, it will be treated on its merits in the same way as any other planning application, with the same rules applying to all. Any decisions will be taken in accordance with the Council's usual planning processes.