Working with the public and private sector

As well as the changes we can make ourselves, we work with public and private sector organisations to make our views known on behalf of residents.

Through negotiation we have influenced the climate or environmental impact on two significant environmental programmes: Heathrow Airport and the River Thames Scheme.


We are making a significant contribution to the planning process for Heathrow's post-Coronavirus recovery and future operation. The Council is a member of the Heathrow Strategic Planning Group, which ensures that action is co-ordinated at a regional level and that maximum leverage is gained with management there and the Government. We have called for:

  • The introduction of an Ultra-Low Emissions Zone around the airport.
  • Measures to minimise private travel to the airport, to reduce congestion and carbon emissions, and to improve air quality. Crucially we have said this must include new train and bus routes which work for passengers from Surrey and London.

We've also called for:

  • Minimisation of construction traffic.
  • Reduction of noise, and use quotas to promote the use of quieter, cleaner and more fuel-efficient aircraft.

River Thames Scheme

We are a stakeholder and active participant in the development of the River Thames Scheme.

This will alleviate flooding between Datchet and Teddington, and the biggest flood channel is in Runnymede.

It will deliver many environmental benefits, and we continue to monitor its preparation to ensure they are paramount. The benefits will include improved flood resilience and protection of 15,000 homes and 2,400 businesses including many in Egham, Staines and Chertsey, as well as other areas.

The River Thames Scheme is also due to include the creation of:

  • 106 hectares of new public open space
  • 250 hectares new and enhanced biodiversity habitat, and
  • 23km of new pathways and cycleways

Local cycling and walking infrastructure plans

We are working with Surrey County Council to be one of the first boroughs to take forward a wide cycling and walking plan which will radically change the way residents can move across the area without getting in cars. '

We are in the process of working out the funding for this but we have agreed to make it a priority ensuring our green space and parks become accessible via cycling and walking in a safe way.