Council commits to Anti-social Behaviour Pledge

ASB Group

Runnymede Borough Council has signed-up to the Anti-social Behaviour Pledge, strengthening support on offer for victims of nuisance behaviour. The pledge is led by national victim's charity, ASB Help, which actively promotes the rights or people experiencing harassment and abuse.

In a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour, we have been, and continue to support use of the Community Trigger; a legal tool which empowers victims of persistent anti-social behaviour to request a formal multi-agency case review.

By doing so, the application will be carefully assessed by our dedicated Community Safety Co-ordinator, to determine where further action can be taken, supporting local people in the process.

In signing-up to the Anti-social Behaviour Pledge, we have committed to:

  1. Promote awareness: Actively encourage the use of the community trigger to residents and partner agencies.
  2. Legality: Confirm our organisation is legally compliant and embracing the spirit of the Community Trigger.
  3. Ensure accessibility: Publicise the Community Trigger so the most vulnerable know what it is and how to invoke it.
  4. Develop our process: Embrace the full potential of the Community Trigger by continually reviewing and learning from best practice.
  5. Generate inclusivity: Use Community Trigger review meetings to work collaboratively and strategically, formulating solutions to end the anti-social behaviour.
  6. Establish a precedent of using the Community Trigger to put victims first and deter perpetrators.

Work has also been under way to incorporate the Community Trigger guidance into our Housing Anti-social Behaviour policy, which was approved by our Housing Committee on 9 June.

Cllr Chris Howorth, Chairman of the Community Services Committee said: "We are committed to supporting local people and creating safer communities for all of our residents. By signing-up to the Anti-social Behaviour Pledge, we believe this sends a clear message that we will not tolerate incidents of abusive, violent or threatening behaviour."

"We continue to work towards improving the quality of people's lives, empowering our staff to tackle anti-social behaviour through use of the Community Trigger, and working alongside partner agencies, such as Surrey Police."

The Community Trigger can be invoked by any resident in the Borough who is suffering from what they believe is anti-social behaviour.

All community trigger applications should be submitted in writing to Runnymede Borough Council.

The application form and further details on the process for a case review are available on our website. Additional, independent advice can be obtained directly from ASB Help.