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Public Health

Information about skin piercing, pest control, public health funerals, cooling towers and caravan site licensing.

  • Acupuncture, tattooing and skin piercing registration

    If you're thinking of getting a tattoo, check our list of registered tattooists. Businesses can also apply for tattoo, acupuncture and skin piercing registrations.

  • Caravan and mobile home site licensing

    Runnymede has 36 licensed residential sites for caravan and mobile home owners, and one licensed holiday site which is not currently operational. These sites are licensed under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 (as amended).

  • Cooling towers and evaporative condensers

    If your commercial site uses a cooling tower or evaporative condenser you must tell us. They help to remove excess heat from sites and can sometimes be found in large office blocks (e.g. for air conditioning) or in industrial processes where cooling is required.

  • Exhumation

    Exhuming (moving) a deceased body is generally rare and can be traumatic for the family involved. It can take a long time to arrange and is usually expensive. Exhumation of both buried and cremated remains generally requires a Home Office Licence.

  • Filthy or verminous premises

    Some properties are in such a filthy condition that it is harmful to health, for example if there is rotting food, human or animal excrement inside the property. Verminous properties are infested with vermin including rats, mice, insects or parasites (including their eggs, larvae and pupae).

  • Pest control

    Dial A Pest (SDK Environmental Ltd) are contracted to provide general pest control services to residents.

  • Private water supplies

    A 'private water supply' is any which is not provided by a water company. The water may come from a spring, well, borehole, pond, river, stream or private distribution system.

  • Public health funerals

    If there are no relatives willing or able to make funeral arrangements following a death, then we may have a duty to help out under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984.

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