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Information about artificial lights, bonfires and noise being a nuisance to others.

  • Bonfires

    Having a bonfire produces smoke especially if the material is damp and smoulders. Bonfire emissions may have a direct effect on residents' health, particularly for those suffering from asthma, lung problems or heart conditions.

  • Noise

    We can investigate many types of noise where it affects you in your home, including excessive barking from dogs, music, televisions, excessive DIY and intruder alarms.

  • Nuisance from artificial lights

    A light nuisance is where a source of artificial light significantly and unreasonably interferes with a person's use and enjoyment of their property or causes harm to their health. This means that it must be more than an annoyance or simply being aware of the light source.

  • Mediation

    Mediation is a way of helping people explore their problems and aims to help people communicate effectively with other parties in dispute situations.

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