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Recycling and rubbish

  • What goes in your recycling bin?

    There have been a few changes to what we accept in your blue-lidded recycling bin because we are using a different sorting facility. Check what you can and can't recycle.

  • Household recycling and rubbish collections

    Find out what can go in your bins, when your waste collection day is and about bulky and clinical waste collections. Please be aware that your bin needs to be placed at the boundary of your property by 6am on your collection day.

  • Food waste collection

    Your food is collected every week and should be put out at the same time as your rubbish and recycling bins. Use your small silver kitchen bin to collect your food scraps each day and then put them into the large food recycling bin which we will empty each week.

  • Textiles and electrical items

    We can take away your small unwanted electrical items and textiles as part of your regular recycling and rubbish collections.

  • Garden waste collection

    The garden waste collection is an annual subscription service.

  • Recycling centres

    You can recycle waste at your local community recycling centre or recycling bank, in addition to the fortnightly recycling bin collections.

  • Commercial waste

    Rubbish produced by commercial businesses is classed as commercial (or trade) waste. The cost of commercial waste collection is not covered by business rates.

  • Street cleaning

    Our street cleaning service includes road sweeping, clearing leaves, litter picking, emptying dog and litter bins, clearing dog foul, removing dead animals and graffiti removal.

  • Clinical waste collections

    We provide a free fortnightly clinical waste collection service for residents treating themselves in their own home.

A to Z of services

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