Citizens' Panel

Join our Citizens' Panel to give your views on the Council's policies, strategies and services as we develop our new Corporate Business Plan for 2020-2024.

It is intended that the panel will be representative of the Borough as a whole. People will be selected on the basis of age, gender, ethnicity, disability and where they live. In order to keep the panel fresh, we will invite more residents to join every couple of years.

What will Citizens' Panel members do? 

Panel members may be asked to complete a questionnaire (there will be a choice of a paper or electronic questionnaire), take part in group discussions, and/or workshops on a wide range of Council-related topics. 

What happens with the Citizens' Panel results?

Participants will be informed where the results will be shared before taking part. Results will generally be passed to the people who can make changes: the relevant service managers, senior officers and elected councillors. We will also publish summary results on our website and they may also appear in the local media or in other Council publications and press releases. If the topic has a relevance to external partners then the results will also be shared with relevant representatives. Responses from individuals will never be identifiable unless prior permission is given e.g. a quote from an individual may be used in a press release if permission is granted.

How do I register my interest in joining the Citizens' Panel?

You can register your interest online.