Runnymede Design Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Consultation on the draft Runnymede Design Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The Runnymede Design SPD seeks to provide design guidance to supplement policies within the adopted Runnymede 2030 Local Plan so that applicants are clear about the Council's expectations for development and high-quality design. Together, the Local Plan and this SPD seek to meet the National Planning Policy Framework's (NPPF) requirement for achieving well designed places and provide Council policy that sets out a clear design vision and expectations for the Borough.

Consultation on the draft Runnymede Design SPD

The draft SPD is open for public consultation for a period of just over 6 weeks from Thursday 15th October to Sunday 29th November 2020 and is accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Assessment/Habitats Regulations Assessment (SEA/HRA) screening assessment as well as an Equalities Impact Assessment screening. The draft SPD and supporting documents are available to view below:

Icon for pdf Draft Runnymede Design SPD [11.15MB]

Icon for pdf Regulation 12 Statement of Consultation and Representations Procedure [119.87KB]

Icon for pdf Runnymede Design SPD HRA/SEA Screening [657.35KB]

Icon for pdf Runnymede Design SPD EqIA Screening [111.41KB]

Due to the latest COVID 19 lockdown restrictions which came into force on 5th November, the Borough's libraries have now closed. Should you, or somebody you know who does not have access to the internet wish to view a hard copy of the draft Design Guide SPD during the remaining period of public consultation, you can write to request that a hard copy is posted to you by contacting the Planning Policy team at:

Planning Policy and Economic Development Business Unit

Runnymede Borough Council

Civic Centre

Station Road


KT15 2AH

You can also request a hard copy by telephoning 01932 425248, or by emailing the Planning Policy team

How to Make Representations

We would like you to send us your views electronically if possible.  Representations should be sent to:

If you are unable to submit your comments electronically please send your written comments to the Planning Policy and Economic Development team, Runnymede Borough Council, Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, KT15 2AH to arrive by the close of the consultation period (11:59pm on 29th November 2020).

If you need help with your representation, please contact the Technical  Administration team in the first instance on 01932 425131 or email

Anyone can make a request to be notified of when the SPD is adopted in their representation.

All representations made during the course of the consultation must be made in writing. Anonymous representations will not be accepted. Any comments that could be construed as derogatory towards any individual or group will not be recorded or considered.

Copies of comments received during the course of the consultation will be made available for the public to view on the Council's website. Comments therefore cannot be treated as confidential. Personal details will be redacted prior to publishing. Data will be processed and held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

Next steps

Following consultation, the Council will collate all responses and publish on the Council's website in a final Statement of Consultation. The Council will consider any issues raised and whether any final changes to the SPD are necessary. Once this is completed, the Council will be seeking to adopt the SPD in the early part of 2021.