Stray dogs

You can contact our dog collection service if you have found a stray dog, or if you have lost a dog.

We collect stray dogs that have been captured or tied up.  To report a captured or stray dog, please call 01932-425718 at any time of the day or night.  Our Dog Warden will collect the stray dog. 

If you have found a dog either:

  1. Return the dog to its owner (if known, check collar); or
  2. If found in our Borough report via our dog collection service 

If a stray/lost dog is collected within office hours it is possible for it to be returned home without charge providing the dog has some identification on it and it has not strayed before. If the dog cannot be returned to its owner, it will be taken to kennels and the owner will be charged the appropriate fee when found.

Owners may incur a fine for found dogs that are not correctly identified by an up to date microchip

Dangerous dogs should be reported to the police.

If you have lost a dog

Photos and details of dogs collected by the dog collection service are available at Lost Dogs (dogs collected out of hours will appear the following morning) If you don't see your dog on the list you may want check with neighbouring councils in case your dog has strayed out of the Borough and been found elsewhere. 

Claiming a dog

All costs must be settled before the dog can be collected by its owner.

  • £92 - collection charge during office hours
  • £132 - collection charge outside office hours

You will also have to pay for any applicable veterinary, kennelling, administrative and delivery costs. 

You will have to provide identification and reasonable proof of ownership of the dog.

What happens to unclaimed stray dogs?

Dogs are kept for seven days. If the dog is not claimed in this time, the former owner loses all rights to its return.

Where a dog is not claimed within this seven day period, it will be assessed and re-homed whenever possible.


We recommend that you get your dog micro-chipped by your vet. This involves putting a very small microchip under the skin of the dog. Putting the chip in place only takes a few seconds and is quite painless. If the dog gets lost, it can be scanned electronically for the chip number and the owner contacted.

Since 2016 it is a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped.

Responsible dog ownership

It is a legal requirement under the Road Traffic Act (1988) for a dog to be kept on a lead when walking on a public road (subject to a few exceptions)

Under the Control of Dogs Order (1992) it is a legal requirement to have a collar on a dog with the owners name and address inscribed on the collar or on an attached plate/tag/badge when on a public highway or in a public place (subject to a few exceptions).

We encourage residents to:

  • Keep dogs on leads
  • Keep a collar and tag on dogs
  • Arrange for dogs to be microchipped
  • Keep the information on tags and microchips up to date.