The Budget Book gives our estimates of expenditure and income for the services we provide and since 2014-15 incorporates our Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS). It also includes service statistics to put these figures into context and outlines our charges for services.
Information on Fair Debt Recovery Policy.
We are committed to making it easier for you to see how we spend our money within the organisation and on external partners and suppliers. Set out below are monthly lists of all payments the council has made of more than £500.
These reports detail all allowances given to the Members each year. The current scheme of Members' allowances is detailed in Section 6 of the Councils Constitution.
The Debt Recovery Team makes sure that money that is owed to the Council is paid, by issuing invoices. Invoices are issued for both private and commercial debts. They include regular invoices and one-off invoices.
Information is published in line with the late payment directive and public contracts regulations. This will show the invoices paid and not paid within 30 days, along with the interest that could be payable due to late payment.
The Capital Strategy sets out the rationale for investment in capital assets and projects. It is updated annually to react to the changing Council priorities, social and demographic changes and the financial climate