Heathrow Airport expansion

In October 2016 the Government announced its preferred scheme for meeting the need for additional airport capacity in the south-east of England is a new north-west runway at Heathrow Airport. It has since carried out a number of consultations and set out a further stage of consultation for a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

It offered the opportunity to consider and respond to the new evidence in the revised draft Airports National Policy Statement, following changes arising from updated noise analysis, National Air Quality Plan, government policy changes and consideration to date of the responses to the first consultation.  The consultation ran until 19 December 2017.

Further information on the consultations is available on the Government's dedicated Heathrow Airport expansion webpages.

Runnymede Borough Council's position

On 22 January 2015, Runnymede Borough Council resolved that the Airport Commission would be advised "The Council supports the expansion of runway capacity at Gatwick Airport in preference to the options associated with Heathrow Airport. This Council supports: a) improved connectivity between Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport; and b) appropriate mitigation measures in any case to limit the detrimental environmental impact of aviation traffic at both Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport."

The Council's consultation responses

The Council's consultation responses to previous related consultation can be found below.

Icon for pdf Heathrow Expansion Consultation final response [231.51KB]

Icon for pdf Heathrow's Airspace Principles Consultation final response [144.2KB]

Icon for pdf Revised NPS consultation response Nov 2017 [157.43KB]

Icon for pdf Airports National Policy Statement May 2017 [329.63KB]

Icon for pdf UK Airspace Policy May 2017 [501.39KB]

Icon for pdf Night Flight Restrictions February 2017 [220.73KB]

Icon for pdf Airspace Change Process June 2016 [287.57KB]

Heathrow Airport Expansion Members Working Group

Runnymede Borough Council has set up a Members Working Group to consider how Runnymede might be affected and to ensure that the best possible case is presented for mitigation measures in Runnymede.  Further information about the group can be found within the agenda and minutes section of the council's website.

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