Hythe Park Tree Trail

The Trees in Hythe Park

A big thank you to the Duke of Edinburgh award students at Magna Carta School for producing the 10 year anniversary tree trail around Hythe Park. 

The Duke of Edinburgh students identified the following benefits to Egham Hythe from the trees in Hythe Park:

Please find the download tree trail Icon for pdf here [1.04MB] 

  • Positive Health Effect Research (Twohigg-Bennett and Jones October 2018) shows that when you walk among trees your heart rate slows down and your blood pressure and stress levels come down. This is why 'Forest Bathing' is becoming popular in Britain. 
  • Helps the Environment and Air Quality Trees carry out a process named photosynthesis which takes carbon dioxide out of the air and replaces it with oxygen for us to breathe.

  • Prevent Soil Erosion Tree roots stabilise the soil and increase soil quality preventing the 'dust bowl' or 'desertification' effect on soil.

  • Trees Boost Wildlife Trees are also standalone ecosystems supporting birds, insects, lichen, fungi and more. Ancient trees can host bats and owls. One mature oak can support 500 living species!

  • Trees Strengthen the Community Woodland areas can provide a place for community events play areas and help residents, young and old, explore and learn about nature.

You can find copies of the tree trail in the Hythe Centre and in the Pop Inn Café in the Pooley Green Shopping Parade.