Recycling and rubbish bins

We provide different bins for you to use to separate out waste: recycling, rubbish and non-recyclable items, and food waste.

to Types of Bins
Blue recycling bin

The blue lidded bin is for recycling and is emptied fortnightly. Items should be placed loose inside the bin. Plastic bags are not recyclable.

Black rubbish bin

The black lidded bin is for rubbish and non-recyclables. We will empty one black bin for each property fortnightly.

Food waste bin and caddy

A smaller bin is provided for food waste, collected weekly, with a caddy to keep in your kitchen.

Garden waste cannot be placed in these bins but you can subscribe to our garden waste collection service.

Please remember to put your bins out at the boundary of your property by 6am on your collection day. You can find out when this is with our check your bin day service using your postcode and you can download a collection calendar here.

We will not empty any bins that are overflowing with the bin lid open. If you have excess rubbish for the black bin, check if any of it can be recycled. If you have excess recycling you can contact us for a larger blue lidded bin.

New bins or replacement bins

If you live in a residential property within the borough and do not currently have all three bins, or one of your bins was lost, stolen or damaged, please email or call 01932 838383.
Please be advised that recycling and refuse bins are chargeable.

My recycling bin has not been emptied?

We can not empty any recycling bins that contain items  we are unable to collect as part of the recycling service.

To check if an item can go into your recycling bin use the recycling search tool online or download the Recycle For Surrey app to your smartphone.

If your bin is marked by our crews as contaminated, you will need to remove any objects we cannot collect before your next recycling collection day.

Please be aware, we do take excess recycling that has been left next to your bin in a cardboard box, however we suggest you only do this with plastic and glass as we can not take wet paper.

Moving within and out of the borough

If you are moving out please remember that all bins must remain at the property.