Taxi and private hire: Frequently asked questions

Answers to our most popular questions on taxis (Hackney Carriages) and private hire are listed. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact the Licensing team.

Why do we not have more taxi ranks in Runnymede?

The ranks at the railway stations are useful and Egham in particular is well used. Since the loss of the ranks in the Precinct car park in Egham we have been trying to find a location for another rank. So far this has not been successful; there is a shortage of suitable locations in Egham.

A new arrangement for the Addlestone One development is now in place giving extra opportunity for private hire and hackney drivers.

What do we do if we see vehicles other than Runnymede licensed Hackney Carriages using ranks?

If you see anyone (other than a Runnymede licensed hackney) using the ranks, make a note of the vehicle make and registration number along with the plate number (if any) and let us know. If possible take a photo of the vehicle and driver.  It is illegal for other vehicles to use the ranks and where there is sufficient evidence and we can trace the driver we will take enforcement action.  As a witness you will have to be prepared give a statement, to attend a hearing, or appear in court if needed.

Licensing fees

Fees are set by the Council each November and come into effect on 1 April the following year.

Hackney Carriage fares

Fares are set by the Council in November and come into effect on 1 April the following year.

Any proposals to change the fares will normally be initiated by the Hackney Carriage trade and will involve consultation prior to any decision being made.