Christmas Bin Collections

Check which changes will occur to your bin collections over the Christmas and New Year period.

Christmas Collections

You should receive a bin tag on your refuse bin that tells you the changes to your bin collections over the Christmas period. The tags will be distributed on the week commencing Monday 17 December. If you have not received your bin tag please click on the copy of the tag relevant to your collection day below:

If you are a garden waste subscriber please put out your garden waste bin out to match the changes to your normal rubbish/recycling collection.


Christmas recycling

There are some Christmas items that we are not able to recycle and you should put these in your rubbish bin instead.

We cannot accept any card or paper products which are shiny/metallic, foil backed, or excessively glittery. Please test your wrapping paper before you decide whether it's recyclable - if it does not tear easily, it cannot be recycled. All recycling should be clean, dry and loose inside your bin.

The best way to check, if you don't know if something can be recycled or not, is to either use the search tool on our website  Recycle for Surrey website or download the Recycle for Surrey app to your phone from the App Store or Google Play.  

Extra recycling will be collected if it is put in a cardboard box and left next to your recycling bin on your collection day. Please only do this if it is a dry day as we cannot accept wet recycling. 


Christmas tree recycling

Any real Christmas trees can be recycled at the following sites until Sunday 13 January:

  • The Farm Shop, Lyne
  • Bourne Valley Garden Centre, Woodham
  • Or by taking your tree to your nearest Community Recycling Centre.

All decorations and lights must be removed before recycling your tree.

If you subscribe to our garden waste collection you can cut your tree up and put it in your bin, however the lid must close on top of it for us to be able to collect the bin.

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